Marcy Segal – Navigating the family law system as a woman in Toronto: tips and resources

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Women can become fundamental contributors to their communities, but they have to be able to access the right resources and get help when they need it.

It may feel incredibly intimidating and overwhelming if you’re going through a divorce or trying to resolve a custody issue as a woman in Toronto.

With International Women’s Day nearing, here are some tips for navigating the family law system as a women, and a few tips and resources that may be able to provide more help if needed.

Be informed.

Although navigating the family law system without a legal professional is never recommended, that doesn’t mean you should spend time researching and getting informed. The more you learn about the system, the more comfortable you will feel.

Refer to reputable sources like the Government of Ontario website. You can also find helpful tips and advice about custody matters, co-parenting, and other related issues on legal blogs such as mine.

Consider working with a female lawyer.

This is not to say male lawyers won’t represent your needs – they will. There is just something that women can relate to as they may have faced similar feelings on their own and they may be able to connect with you in a more impactful way.

Local family lawyers are advocates for women in the community and have years of experience with family law – from divorces to child custody and everything in between. Finding the right lawyer to advocate for you and your rights is a big part of feeling like you have chosen the right person to help you navigate the legal process.

Build a network.

Navigating the family legal system can be scary, especially when you feel like you’re alone. If possible, try building a network with women who have been through the same thing, or similar situations to yours. They may not be able to provide you with legal advice, but they will understand what you are going through and offer support as you progress through each step of the process.

Contact Segal Law today.

Going through a divorce or a custody battle is emotionally draining and will take its toll, even if it isn’t especially complicated. Finding the right lawyer can go a long way to ensuring you feel as though you are being advocated for and your rights are being protected. If you have questions about the family law system or need someone to help you navigate the process, contact me today.

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