Custody and Access

(Replaced with Parenting Orders, Decision Making Responsibility and Parenting Time as of July 1, 2020, with the amendments to the Divorce Act)

Children are our most precious gift and need our protection, guidance and strength.

The “maximum contact principle” guides Judges when deciding how much time the children will spend with each parent. However, sometimes, demands for increased access is economically driven. Should the access spouse have the children 40% of the time, then their monthly child support obligations are often reduced.

I have been able to successfully advocate the true narrative of the spouses’ involvement, pre-separation, or lack thereof. I will not allow my clients to be disrespected, undermined, manipulated, or strong armed while navigating a resolution by way of Separation Agreement, or if necessary, through the Court process.

Philosophically, I am a true believer that children deserve a healthy relationship with both parents, however, if one parent is either incapable or refuses to put the childrens’ needs above their own, then that becomes a “game changer” and I will, on behalf of my client, advocate ethically, passionately, and with all of my energy to ensure that the children are protected from the harming spouse.

Parental alienation, on the other hand, is abusive, shameful, harmful, and I will work tirelessly to prevent it from occurring or from continuing. It has to be one of the most egregious forms of narcissistic behavior and I have and will continue to be a champion for my clients.

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