About Marcy

Criminal Lawyer, Litigator, Advocate & Consultant

Reflected in her law practice and personal life, Marcy Segal is a tireless advocate for people’s rights. Proud of her record of transparency and honesty in her dealings with clients and advocates alike, she believes that uncovering the truth in any situation should always be the priority. "I strive to treat everyone with compassion and never let anyone shake my confidence. I believe it is not my job to judge people, no matter what they are alleged to have done." Marcy’s advocacy skills, fearlessness and people-reading abilities have made her a successful and sought-after lawyer of civil litigation, criminal and matrimonial matters. She also acts as a representative of lawyers before the Law Society of Ontario for disciplinary hearings.

Marcy has been consulting in matters of Sexual Assault or Harassment in the workplace environment.

Some sex assault complainants are turning to human rights tribunal to seek change and while there is no data on the prevalence of civil sexual assault complaints, which include those made to human rights tribunals as well as lawsuits and other channels, there now appears to be more awareness of those options. While complainants should not abandon criminal prosecution, there are distinct advantages to pursuing civil avenues. The threshold for a criminal conviction is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, much higher than what’s needed in a civil case, which only requires the evidence to show that something is more likely true than not.

Marcy credits her two daughters with keeping her humble and grounded. She is a frequent guest on radio and television, being sought out for her legal opinion of high profile legal cases in the news.

She is an accomplished marathoner and completed ‘Ironman Canada’ in 2009. Next goal: trekking Kilimanjaro.