Separation Agreements can be extremely detailed, and with proper legal advice, provide a roadmap until their children have completed their first degree in University. Parties need to carefully ask themselves whether they want to relinquish control to their lawyers and a Judge, instead of putting their differences aside and work together, along with lawyers and/or mediators, in a cost effective and less stressful manner.

I am a firm believer that parties should resist bringing their issues to Court, and instead resolve their parenting and financial issues by way of Separation Agreement. I encourage Parties to refrain from believing that the Court’s role is to judge who has been more wronged and who is the better parent. If your matter has traversed to Court, then a spouse or both spouses are not thinking logically and rationally.

Judges will often tell litigants that there are no winners in Court and that a fair settlement is one that neither party is happy with. By the time parties appear before a Judge, they will have paid their lawyers thousands of dollars, money that should be saved for their children and their own future.

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