Child Protection Issues

When there are child protection issues at hand, child protection agencies get involved and commence proceedings. This happens where there are concerns of a child or children’s (18 and under) safety. If there are concerns of physical or emotional harm, child protection agencies like Children’s Aid Societies get involved.

There are occasions where the Childrens’ Aid Society will step in and remove and/or supervise access to children. It can be extremely demoralizing and stressful to lose control of parenting to a government organization. There needs to be a delicate balance between advocating passionately and understanding the power CAS has and their influence with the Court System. CAS is considered an independent organization without an agenda and as a consequence, their actions and motives are usually perceived as altruistic and unbiased.

This process can become overwhelming and complicated. It is important to involve a lawyer that has experience in dealing with this area of Family law. A strong advocate on your side is necessary and vital, to ensure that your children are returned to you without supervision, as quickly as possible. Being a strong advocate includes understanding the importance of cooperation and the limits to such cooperation, along with providing alternate and more dignified solutions for the parent.

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